What Is an Asset Recovery Company?

An asset recovery provides consulting and investigative services to online fraud victims. The primary goal of an asset recovery company is to help their clients get their money back. Most companies focus their investigative services on reimbursements for disputes, cyber analysis, and searching digital fingerprints.

Most companies deliver 100% transparency throughout the entire asset recovery process. The more reliable companies ensure an efficient and straightforward process too. 

Some customers may see a resolution within the first two weeks. Asset recovery companies focus on financial aid in recovering credit card payments, wire transfers, cryptocurrency transactions, and other online accounts.

Asset recoveries guide the process by following simple steps to getting the money back:

  • Search and check the broker
  • File the complaint and open the case
  • Dispute and fight
  • Receive the money back

Asset recovery companies can usually provide expertise in areas like banking fraud, forex scams, binary options scams, online scams, debit card scams, credit card scams, online dating scams, and CFD trading scams.

Online scams present many opportunities for an asset recovery company to assist. These companies have unique solutions to solve issues with money transfer scams, auto trading scams, ransomware attacks, and pop-up windows.

When it comes to banking fraud, asset recovery companies leverage fraud detection knowledge to address these issues. They will target Authorized Push Payments (APP), deposit refund scams, vishing, and payment card fraud.

With the rise in cryptocurrency, asset recovery companies also play a vital role in winning back lost funds. Various investment scams will force you to deliver cryptocurrencies because they are anonymous. 

Most people purchase cryptocurrency with a wire transfer or credit card, which can open vulnerabilities. Typical scams include fake investment syndicates, pump and dump, fake wallets and exchanges, and pyramid schemes.

Criminals across the globe also target people through binary options websites. Clients of asset recovery companies will typically lose their money through issues like identity theft. The perpetrators might also refuse to credit their customer’s accounts, provide reimbursements, or manipulate the software to cause losing trades.

Forex fraud is also a growing issue that asset recoveries will help rectify. These criminals come in the form of scam artists who work in a boiler room. They may also set up social media accounts to pose as an expert to gain customers. 

Asset recovery companies help recover lost funds from pyramid or Ponzi schemes, point-spread scams, and signal-seller scams.